Multisignature Wallet

We’re employing the highest level of security for your bitcoin with the multi-sig wallet. You’ll be in control of your wallet.

Sliding Scale Fee Structure

Our sliding scale fee structure is an industry first. The more bitcoin you trade, the more you’ll save on transaction fees.

One Click Buy & Sell

Need to trade bitcoin right this second? Now you can with no waiting, and no hassles. Activate one click buy and sell and transact with a click of a button.

Multi currency Order Book

Now you can take advantage of our global pool of traders and open your next order on igot’s Multi Currency Order Book.
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Guaranteed Service

Your prices, transaction fees, and most importantly your transaction time is now guaranteed.

Enhanced Security

Multiple authentication methods mean your bitcoin wallet is now more secure than ever. With bank grade security, you can rest easy!


You can expect total transparency going forward. What you see is what you can rely on. We offer full transparency on all transactions.

Expedited Order Service

You can choose to expedite your order for a small fee. No more waiting days for transfers to arrive.

New User Experience

Enjoy the easy to use website and app. igot’s user interface has always been one of the easiest to use. We’ve now made it even simpler!

Offline Vault

For added protection, we store 99% of bitcoin in offline vaults.
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